Professional Java Hosting Services
Shared Tomcat Hosting
Low cost java hosting. Deploy your java webapps on our shared java server.
Tomcat Java Hosting
Get your own Servlet and JSP server. Restart the webapp server whenever you want.

Ready for Wireless Java?

Wireless Java terminals is being introduced frequently. With a Mobinor Java Server Subscription you are well prepared for net-enabled Wireless Java applications.
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Shared J2EE Hosting
Deploy your Enterprise Java applications on our shared enterprise java server.
J2EE hosting
Deploy your Enterprise Java applications on your own j2ee server instance. Full control and restart of the server.
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Join Mobinor as a development partner. To be able to deliver complete solutions to small and large organisations, Mobinor needs java partners. Through years of java experience, Mobinor is offering professional java hsoting services. If you are offering development services to your clients, and need Mobinor as a java hosting partner, you will be a perfect match with Mobinor. Join Mobinor as a java partner today.
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